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  • 02:26 callawaykalume: Hello,how to get mobius,is it gonna okey when only sending all credits that we have?
  • 01:47 callawaykalume: ohhh, okey @Rafal i will
  • 01:03 FLDCOINTEST: Use SORT dropdown and select LOWEST PR.
  • 23:07 Piotr Belter: Is there a way to tell who is the worst villian on, judging by number of negative votes?
  • 20:43 Rafal: @callawaykalume at Mobius or at If at tell your friend about the need to rest the password. When Mobius is deposited, a new account is automatically created and verification email is sent to the new user. The problem is the password is random - "not set by user"
    @darek will make additional notifications to fix this.
  • 20:24 callawaykalume: Hi, invited my friend but he couldnt register.
  • 19:15 Rafal: yes, @Jason Samuel. @All Here is the correct link to Telegram Group:
  • 18:53 Jason Samuel: it is possible that it is a telegram channel and not a telegram group. a channel is supposed to be read-only i think
  • 18:52 Jason Samuel: that's why we should stick to discord :D @Rafal can i be made admin so that i'll try to take a look - @jznsamuel!
  • 18:34 Rafal: @Arkadiusz created Telegram account. Even though I am an admin I can't see where to make any changes, please help.
  • 18:15 Jason Samuel: @Rafal still not able to...
  • 16:56 Rafal: @all Please check if you can send hello at:
  • 16:51 Rafal: Oh, that's why You guys are so silent there... :P Thanks for letting us know @IStackHIGH :)
  • 15:34 IStackHIGH: I saw the message on Telegram from the Admin. But I believe the group is read only.
    I want to say "YES", but unable to. :P
  • 13:37 pr.admin: Yes, confirmed is now available at the DApp store! Today' we will announce the details of a huge bounty! Submit your 500 credits to PR.Network. We will be giving away 50% of Mobi back to users - this is 35$ (worth of Mobi)! Take it and HODL it!
  • 11:02 Arkadiusz: Yes, everything work out like it's supposed to. Great job team !
  • 08:03 Jason Samuel: Awesome, I see PR.Network on the Dapp store :)

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