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Now everyone can own the value of reputation.

In this digital era, the most valued currency is not crypto. It is the public reputation. Only through the reputation one shows his or hers real-time value. Similarly, reputation of a place, a thing, or a coin has a significant impact on its public value. Low trust to centralized reputation measurement companies created urgency for more reliable, blockchain based solution, with no central operator but incentives that create an environment of passive rewards that may last for decades. Say hello to Value (XPR) a Utility Token required to submit requests to

Value-XPR is burnt to tokenize, decentralize and exchange the public trust. Purchase XPR Token at Pre-Sale starting April 20th at the Stellar Network.


July 2014
Balanced Binary Voting Concept Development
September 2014
Public Reputation Network Initial concept
April 2015
Company Registration
November 2015
Team Formation
December 2016
Alfa Version Launch
April 2017
Beta Version Launch
July 2017
Bitcointalk Announcement
December 2017
Blockchain Integration: Etherum -> Stellar & Mobius
January 2018
Utility Token Development
March 2018
PR Tokens Factory
March 2018
"The Biggest Airdrop in History" Campaign
March 2018
PRN Bounties
March 2018
XPR Token Launch
June 2018
Code optimization
August 2018
REST API Release
October 2018
Total decentralization of PRN Ecosystem
November 2018
Developing Institutional Partnerships
December 2018
Protocol Expansion & Community Development

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A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos